Welcome to Year 1 at Chalfont Valley!

In Year 1 we encourage students to become independent learners by joining in, asking questions, taking risks and above all thinking big!

My name is Miss Boylan and I am delighted to be a part of the students’ journey through school. It is going to be a year filled with lots of new learning and adventures and I cannot wait to share them with the students!

In Year 1 we also have Mrs Franklin who works as an LSA. Mrs Franklin has extensive experience working within the school and shows great care for the children. If ever there’s a problem, Mrs Franklin knows just what to do!

In Year 1, we enjoy a lot of hands-on activities and learn through song and exploration.  Each week, we build upon our knowledge and understanding and challenge ourselves in new areas. We work hard to produce work to the best of our abilities and are guided and supported in a number of ways to take our learning to the next level.  We work individually to gain LAB scores and show strong team spirit in many group tasks to receive table points. We reward students when they display strong character skills such as perseverance and concentration and the students strive each lesson to become a LAB leader.

In Year 1, children are happy, helpful and show a love for learning and we try to foster this during their Year 1 journey!


In Year 1 we encourage children to read on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes with their parents/carers.  Homework is then distributed on a Thursday evening and collected on a Monday. Homework  contains Maths and English exercises that reflect the work taught during the week. As well as this, every two weeks, children are asked to complete a project relating to the topic covered during each half-term. This could include an art piece, written research or a booklet which is then put on display in the classroom.

Curriculum Information:

In Year 1 we cover a variety of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music,  PSHE and Physical Education.

English comprises of reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as SPaG.

Mathematics includes numbers and calculation, geometry and measurement as well as fractions.

Science, History, Geography and Art and Design are explored through a different topic each half-term which allows the children to have many enriching experiences.

In Year 1, Physical Education lessons happen twice a week. The children do activities which encourage co-operation and basic movement.

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