E-ACT is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our primary regulator is the Department for Education, and our charitable objects are set out in our Articles of Association.

For further information on how E-ACT is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency please refer to our Master Funding Agreement which contains the supplemental funding agreements for our academies.

Master Funding Agreement

Our trustees

Our Board of Trustees are the guardians of E-ACT’s purpose and are ultimately accountable for the organisation.

Led by the Chair of the Board of Trustees Michael Wemms, the board is comprised of eleven independent volunteers chosen for their expertise and experience gained in a diverse range of industries in both the private and public sectors. E-ACT’s board also includes the chief executive who is an ex officio trustee.

Click here for further information on our trustees. See E-ACT’s Annual Report for trustee attendance records at board and committee meetings over the last academic year.

E-ACT Annual Report

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

The Board of Trustees is supported by the Executive Leadership Team.

Led by Chief Executive David Moran the Executive Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of organisational strategy as set by the Board of Trustees.

Click here for further information on our Executive Leadership Team.

Five regions, one E-ACT

E-ACT supports its 25 academies through five regional clusters in Daventry, London and Bucks, Midlands, North and South West.

Each of these is led by a regional education director (RED) and a regional operations director (ROD) and is supported by a team of system experts in areas like safeguarding.

Our REDs and RODs work closely with their academies and meet academy leadership formally through six weekly Raising Achievement Boards. In turn the Executive Leadership Team meets with REDs and RODs through six weekly formal Regional Performance Boards.

Regional Director of EducationMr Mohsen OjjaMohsen.Ojja@e-act.org.uk
Regional Director of OperationsMs Louise DuthartLouise.Duthart@e-act.org.uk
Regional Data and Assessment System LeaderMr Paul RobinsonPaul.Robinson@e-act.org.uk
Regional Inclusion System LeaderMs Rebecca LeekRebecca.Leek@e-act.org.uk
Regional Attendance, Safeguarding and Behaviour System LeaderMs Sue ChallenSusan.Challen@e-act.org.uk
Regional English System LeaderMs Michelle PereiraMichelle.Pereira@e-act.org.uk
Regional Maths System LeaderMr Mustafa HusseinMustafa.Hussein@e-act.org.uk
Regional Science System LeaderMs Samah AdnanSamah.Adnan@e-act.org.uk

Our Ambassadorial Advisory Group

Our Ambassadorial Advisory Group is made up of people who share a great passion for our academy.

Led by a chairperson, AAGs meet once per term, and will have at least two parent ambassadors elected to the group. They work closely with headteachers, regional and national staff as well as our trustees, and focus on the four Cs of Communication, Celebration, Complaints and Community.

For more information and key E-ACT governance documents please click here.

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