At Chalfont Valley, we think bigdo the right thing and show strong team spirit.  These values drive everything that we do.

Our aims:

Every child has inspiring life experiences.

We strive to provide children with new and exciting experiences as part of the school curriculum with the intention of sparking interest and enthusiasm for new hobbies and to build children’s general knowledge.

Every child is an effective communicator.

We work hard to ensure that children develop sound speaking, reading and writing to put their thoughts and ideas into words.  This also includes expressing their feelings in a constructuve manner.

Every child makes a positive contribution to the community.

We want children at Chalfont Valley to love where they live: to make it a wonderful place and to do good for their neighbours both near and far.



The academy aims to ensure that all policies and practices conform with the principle of equal opportunities and comply with the public sector equality duty set out in Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010.

The academy will tackle inappropriate attitudes and practices through staff leading by example through the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme, through the supportive academy culture and through our policies.

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