Here at Chalfont Valley, we have introduced a curriculum with interconnected strands of knowledge centred around 3 pillars.   Within our plans, these strands are taught by our teachers and learnt by our pupils.  These principles, underpin  lesson delivery, assessment and regular reviews of the curriculum.


Our knowledge and skills curriculum has been created to provide our pupils with learning that is both meaningful and exciting, in order to promote a life-long love for learning: Opening minds, and opening doors to successful learning experiences.


The curriculum has been organised in a way which enables pupils to revisit knowledge and build depth of knowledge and understanding as well as in a way to help pupils learn more and remember more.   We have aimed to develop our pupils understanding of equity and diversity, global citizenship and to broaden their vocabulary.


Each subject is content rich, with knowledge carefully selected and deliberately ambitious. Our curriculum is coherent and well planned, building on what has come before and encourages pupils to be curious about their learning.


Lessons follow a clear sequence allowing opportunities for deliberate practise and memory recall; challenge for all pupils, through the curriculum, is central to what we believe is key. We encourage pupils to make connections across subjects, content, time and place.


In order to commit knowledge from short term memory to long term memory, we use purposeful working walls, regular retrieval practice and deliberate practice.

This happens through a variety of ways including the way in which the learning environment is organised in each classroom, the approach to teaching and learning e.g. Talk for Writing / Mastery approach to maths and in the design of our curriculum.

Assessment opportunities are carefully planned so that they are purposeful, support learning and inform us as to whether our curriculum and or the delivery of it is effective. These include a combination of informal and formal assessments.

Our approach to supporting pupils who may need help to access the curriculum is through pre-teaching to make sure that they have the knowledge and skills to succeed in accessing learning rather than having to continuously be catching up.

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