Our Curriculum Intent


Being a learner at Chalfont Valley 

At Chalfont Valley E-ACT primary Academy we want to ensure that our pupils experience a curriculum that is not only tailored to their interests and needs but also ensures they are ready for life in the wider world. Our curriculum is underpinned by our golden strands. These golden strands represent our ambitious vision for the pupil’s curriculum and underpin all subject areas. We believe in subject based lessons where pupils can articulate and have a passion for subject based learning. We enhance these subjects with cross curricular links where they complement and enhance the learning of our pupils.

Our teachers plan learning which is carefully sequenced, knowledge and vocabulary rich which aims to inspire pupils, promote excellent outcomes for all pupils and overcome inequality of opportunity. We want all of our pupils to feel represented as part of the curriculum this is why the golden strand of diversity and representation runs through all our subjects. We make sure that the people pupils learn about are representative of a diverse world across gender, ethnicity, religion and neurodiversity. We believe in a curriculum that widens our pupil’s view of the world and gives them the knowledge and skills to become global citizens and make a positive impact on the wider world.



Our Curriculum Map

Whole School Curriculum Map 2021

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