Sport plays a vital role at Chalfont Valley.

Children are taught PE by specialist sports coaches from Chelsea FC for at least an hour per week.  They learn team invasion games such as football, tag rugby and basketball, as well as individual games such as tennis and athletics.

At lunchtime, children have the opportunity to take part in structured team games such as end zones, football and basketball.

From 2019, we will be working with local schools to participate in competitive games against other schools in the area.  These will be based at our local Secondary and Grammar schools, and will involve all Year groups from YrR to Yr6.  Additionally, Yr 5 and 6 will be invited to participate in a swimming gala.

Swimming is currently taught in Yr5 across one term, but from 2019, Yr3 , Yr4 and Yr5 will receive a term’s worth of swimming throughout the year.

Challenge Sports will also be taking over part of our PE provision, from 2019.

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