We are very proud to be continuing to educate the children of keyworkers and those who fall into vulnerable categories.


Let us know if you are a key worker

The government has issued guidance on the jobs that fall into the category of key worker – the list can be viewed here

If you feel you are in one of these categories and you are unable to keep your child safely at home, then we may be able to continue to educate your child within our Physical School.

Please note:

  • You will need confirmation from your employer, that based on their business continuity arrangements, your specific role is necessary for the continuation of this public service.
  • It is not a compulsory requirement to send your child to the academy even if you are considered a key worker. The advice states that every child who can be safely cared for at home, should be to limit the chance of the virus spreading.
  • Pupils can continue to attend academy, if they have at least one parent classified by the government as a key worker, and who can not be safely cared for at home.

This information should be sent to the school office: officechalfontvalley@e-act.org.uk.

Once we have everything we need from you, we will confirm the arrangements for your child as soon as possible.

Keeping children safe in the Physical School:

We are constantly taking advice from the Department for Education and our National MAT Trust – E-Act, on keeping our school site as sterilised as possible.  We are running a schedule with skeleton staff, whilst making sure that we have a fire marshall, a designated safeguarding lead, first aider and senior leaders on site at all times.  We are also ensuring that our children, staff and parents are kept safe using social distancing protocols.

All staff are following a highly supervised schedule, as outlined in the following booklet:

Staff handbook for Physical School


To date, we have had no confirmed COVID-19 cases for our children who are accessing this provision.

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