School work at home

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for all your support and effort with your child’s learning at home during our school closures. We have very much enjoyed seeing the children’s fantastic work. Not only is it important to us to see their continued learning but also to have a way of communicating and connecting with you all during this time.

We have been working very hard to ensure that the learning we are providing for the Virtual School is the very best it can be. We are also aware that completing home learning has a variety of challenges in different households.

The move to more online platform is to support parents so that children can complete work more independently. We have also been more specific about writing and foundation tasks as well as trying to ensure that tasks are not resource heavy and don’t require printing. Your class teacher is here to support you with any questions about learning and will be able to check that you are logging on to the different platforms each week.

Nevertheless, we appreciate the impact home learning may have on your family during this time and the constraints you may be faced with. As always, please communicate with us as much as possible about any concerns linked to learning. We understand that these are unprecedented times and that there may be times where home learning is affected for a variety of reasons.

Wellbeing and mental health are always our top priority. Please let us know if things are getting too much, you need somebody to talk to or need advice. We are here to help.

Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as it is safe to do so.

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