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Welcome to Reception!

Reception is a crucial year in a child’s development.

Moving on from the independent and curiosity learning of Nursery, the children explore, design, explain and expand their work, using key thinking skills and communication skills.

At Chalfont Valley, we recognise this, and provide them with a nurturing but extendable open provision learning.  Our areas are themed according to the topic and key book we are learning, but the children have the ability to take their learning to wherever their thoughts are taking them. We even visit space and planets not explored yet – with help of a cardboard box!


Speech is very important

In Reception, we focus upon both articulation of sounds during out phonics work, but also the construction of string sounds and words.  We explore how words sound, different ways in which we can say them, and how we can use them within our sentences.  Talk is very important, and our children have access to social conversation sessions and more formal conversations, especially when they talk about what they have done or explain what they are thinking.

Reception is an exciting year.  We have lots of fun .. but explore lots of learning too!

The children learn through hands-on activities, play and exploration.  Each week, the children build upon their knowledge and understanding and challenge themselves in new areas. The children are encouraged to produce work to the best of their abilities and are guided and supported by the staff in Reception to achieve this.

In Reception the children are happy, helpful and caring and help each other learn and develop friendships that will stay with them until they leave the school in Year 6 or even beyond their time at Chalfont Valley!

In Reception no two days are the same.

Mrs Howes
EYFS Teacher

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