Welcome to Reception at Chalfont Valley!
During the year that the Children spend in Reception, they develop a love for learning and share their achievements on a daily basis.  The children become more independent as the year progresses. They get their own snacks, do their own coats and gradually become more independent in choosing their activities and showing how they learn.  The children display their pieces of work all around the classroom in the different areas so that other children can see the work they have done.
My name is Mrs Phillips and I love seeing the children every morning and seeing their excitement about what we are going to be doing in the classroom that day. I try to instil in the children a love for learning in all areas.
In Reception we have a number of other adults including Mrs Leslie, Mrs Bohan and Mrs Vieira. They all have different childcare experiences and these are all used to help make the classroom and the experiences that the children have as unique and individual as the children.
The children learn through hands-on activities, play and exploration.  Each week, the children build upon their knowledge and understanding and challenge themselves in new areas. The children are encouraged to produce work to the best of their abilities and are guided and supported by the staff in Reception to achieve this.
In Reception the children are happy, helpful and caring and help each other learn and develop friendships that will stay with them until they leave the school in year 6 or even beyond their time at Chalfont Valley!
In Reception we encourage children to read on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes with their parents/carers.  Homework is then distributed on a Thursday evening and collected on a Monday. Homework contains Maths and English exercises that reflect the work taught during the week.
Curriculum Information:
In Reception we use the Early Years curriculum which focuses on Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, Literacy, Maths, Communication and Language, Knowledge of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.  The different activities that the children do within the classroom every day encourage the children to learn across the different areas of the curriculum.  We have a daily phonics session which develops the children’s reading and writing skills and allows them to be independent learners. They love to be able to use their new found knowledge to write stories and read the books in the reading area.
In Reception no two days are the same!

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