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Remember you can contact your class teacher via Class Dojo if you have any questions.

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Welcome to the EYFS!

In Nursery, the children are supported to become independent learners.  The learning environment is set up to promote self discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning.  Children are encouraged to value kindness, help each other, take turns and share.  We believe that this will help develop a strong and positive sense of themselves and form good relationships.

Children are encouraged to make good learning choices every day and this is balanced by teacher focused groups across the EYFS curriculum.  Homework will be given out weekly for reading, writing and numbers.  In addition, children should be reading at home every day.

To help us to use our fingers, (and help us to hold our pens and pencils), the children have daily practise of Finger Gym activities.

Everyday, we count and work on recognising, writing and making our numbers to 10.

If you ever want to see what we are up to – please come and speak to us.  We are always very excited to share!

Mrs Howes- EYFS teacher

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