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In year 6, we aim to prepare children for their transition from Primary Education to Secondary Education. This year of school can be a daunting one for children and at Chalfont Valley we equip the children with skills that will support them throughout their education and beyond.

Though the SATS are always on our minds because we are aspirational and want to do exceptionally well, we find moments in every day to fill with fun, games and laughter. We sing songs to help embed what we know, we make mistakes as these let us know that we are stepping out of our comfort zones, we thrive on challenges and we have an excellent team spirit that we know we can rely on to help us get through times when things get tough!

The children in Year 6 have a thirst for knowledge and a strong love for learning. They have great aspirations and work tirelessly towards their short-term and long-term goals. The classroom environment belongs to the children and together they have created a place in which they feel safe and can learn well. As a result, the children take pride in all that they do and love coming to school.

We know that Year 6 may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

Mr Birch – Year 6 teacher

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