I hope my message finds you and your family well.


Over the last few weeks, I have sent you information about the re-opening of our Academy for the key transitional Year groups as defined by the Government. Today I am writing to you to give you an indication as to how the school will open and operate in the coming weeks.


As informed on 19th May, we will not be opening our doors for our Transitional year groups until Monday 8th June, at the earliest.  The booklet this morning also stated that we will be bringing these children in on a part time basis only (2 days a wk), and that the days will be staggered. This is to ensure that our work on keeping all the staff and children safe within the school, and to keep the risk of infection to a minimum is well deployed and communicated to all of our staff. This is in line with all other E-Act Primary Schools.

CHV Reopening – Guidance for parents and students


E-ACT Re-opening booklet for Parents and Students

The document which was sent to you on 19th May outlined our core offer. This was to enable you to make a firm decision about whether you wish your children to return to our setting. We have thought long and hard about the best way that we can;

  1. a) bring children back safely
  2. b) keep our staff safe.

At every turn, we are using Government guidance to assist our decisions.


We are mindful that everyone’s experiences of lockdown have been different, and we understand that these procedures may sound extreme, but our commitment to ensuring a safe work space is crucial.

LETTER to parent – delayed opening  19.05.20


Letter to parents – e-act booklet  21.05.2020


LETTER TO  – reopening details   22.05.20



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