Children learn best when they are happy and healthy. At Chalfont Valley, all members of staff take the welfare of our children very seriously and are vigilant in our checks and monitoring to ensure that safeguarding is paramount.

Our aims are:

  • Every child has inspiring life experiences.
  • Every child is an effective communicator.
  • Every child makes a positive contribution to the community.

Pastoral team

Our dedicated Pastoral team is:

  • Mr M Sykes
  • Mrs E Wilson
  • Mrs Franklin, Mrs Vieira, Mrs Sharma – SEND support
  • Mrs Leslie, Mrs Cooke and Miss Brady – Inclusion and Nurturing support

Pastoral care

Our team are responsible for the day-to-day running of this service.  Their roles are to:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents/carers who may wish to discuss any issues over and above general class teacher questions.
  • Deal with day-to-day child protection concerns.
  • Monitor attendance.
  • Liaise with all external agencies who offer support to children and families.
  • Contribute to academic meetings in an effort to support and identify barriers to learning.
  • Maintain current and accurate records with regard to child protection, incidents within the academy and other matters which link to the wellbeing of pupils and families.
  • Support children in dealing with issues around relationships and behaviour.
  • Ensure the team is kept fully informed around all issues relating to safeguarding and vulnerable children.
  • Ensure that staff are kept informed on a need-to-know basis of any issues or concerns regarding children in their care.
  • Any other issue that may arise across the academy that impacts on a child’s social and emotional development.

Collective responsibility

It is recognised by all who work within the academy that the responsibility of care for our children lies with each and every member of the academy community. In an effort to ensure that this is embedded across the academy a heavy emphasis is placed on doing the right thing and showing strong team spirit.  These and others are celebrated on a regular basis within a whole academy approach to learning.

Evidence suggests that pastoral care is most effective when:

  • Support is received from parents/carers.
  • The academy’s provision for pastoral care is monitored on a regular basis.
  • Pupils are given clear explanations of what is expected of them in terms of behaviour and social skills.
  • A whole academy approach is undertaken, valued and delivered.
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