Nursery Admissions

There are 26 places AM and 26 places PM for the nursery each year. We also provide full-time places at an additional cost or at no cost if you are eligible using 30 hours funding.

Nursery times

Morning – 8:50am to 11:50am,

Afternoon – 11:50 to 2:50pm

Full day – 8:50am to 2:50pm at a cost of £15 per day (with an additional cost to stay until 3:15pm.)

Children staying across lunchtime can book their school meals via Parent Pay or bring a packed lunch.

For applications to our Nursery, please contact the Academy Office directly on 01494 764521.


Wishing to join our wonderful ACADEMY

We are a fully inclusive academy and welcome applications for all children. Please see below for full details of our admission arrangements.

We have 30 places available in Reception. If you would like to apply for a place in our Reception to Year 6 classes (either when your child is starting school or looking to move to our school), please do so using the Buckinghamshire Council’s Application Form.  Once Buckinghamshire Council has offered your child a place on our behalf, we will contact you to forward you our Welcome Pack.

How to apply

Please apply using the application form

17 January 2022 deadline – primary school applications close

28 January – deadline last date for moving into Buckinghamshire

The latest date for moving into Buckinghamshire (and providing evidence)

18 April – National Offer Day

Parents who applied online will receive be able to log on and view their offer.  They will also be sent an email.

Our academy will consider all applications sent from Buckinghamshire Council, where there is capacity within the year group. If there are more applications that places, then we will use the oversubscription criteria to allocate a place.


Once places have been allocated to children with an Educational and Health Care Plan, if there are more applicants than places as set out in the stated PAN, then the following oversubscription criteria for admissions  can be found on our Admission Policy.

2021 – 2022 Oversubscription Criteria

• Rule 1: Looked after children.
• Rule 2: Children that have exceptional medical or social needs which can only be met
at the school (supported by written evidence from an appropriate professional person).
• Rule 3: Children living within the catchment area of the school.
• Rule 4: Siblings of children who are attending the school in Year R to Year 5 at the time
that allocations are made (or who have already been offered a place at the school
at the time allocations are made).
• Rule 5: Linked schools is not relevant for Chalfont Valley E-ACT Academy therefore will
not be used as an admissions criteria.
• Rule 6: Once the above rules have been applied any further places are offered in
distance order using the straight line distance between the family’s normal home
address and the school’s entrance gate.
• Rule 7: Where one place remains and the next two applicants are equal distance from
the school a random allocation will be made.

In Year admissions

Have you just moved to the area or want to change your child’s school? Here is the information you need to know for in-year admissions.

In Year applications

All parents/carers who wish to apply for a place at any time in the year will need to contact the Council directly. The council will liaise with you about a place and will contact you with the outcome of your application.

You can submit your application directly to the council via click here.

Please contact them directly to check your child’s position on the waiting list.

Offers are made to the number of places available. If there are more applications than places, then places are allocated according to the oversubscription criteria. This applies to in-year applications for each year group.


Admission arrangements 2022-2023

ADMISSION arrangements 2021-2022



E-ACT Supplementary Information Form 2023 – 2024


Appeals are dealt on behalf by Buckinghamshire Council.  Information about this can be found here:


You can find the Department of Education School Admissions Appeals Code here

Changes to school admission appeals due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

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