Our Breakfast Club is open for children at 8am for which there is a flat rate charge of £1 per day, which includes breakfast. The school day starts for all children at 8.50am.

The school morning is from 8.50am to 12.00pm. The lunch hour runs from 12.00pm to 1.00pm for Reception and KS1, 12:30pm to 1:30pm for KS2. This is then followed by the afternoon session, which runs from 1.00pm to 3.15pm.

08:00Breakfast Club
13:00Foundation Subject 1
14:00Foundation Subject 2
15:00Story Time
15:15End of School


A good, well-managed homework programme helps pupils to develop the independent learning skills they need for successful lifelong learning.  We are grateful for parental support in organising homework.

Typically, we expect that pupils will:

  •  Read at home for 15 minutes each evening and discuss books with adults or older siblings
  •  Learn multiplication tables and spellings each week
  •  Practise skills including handwriting, writing, numeracy or reading comprehension
  •  Be asked to complete their work at home if they have made insufficient effort during class time
  •  Be given additional, more extensive homework tasks in Year 6 to help them prepare for secondary school.

Parents and other family members can support pupils by coming in to see the class teacher if anything is not clear.

Reading at Home

We ask all parents/carers, to read with children and to write positively in the reading record at least four times a week in Reception and KS1, and at least weekly in KS2.  This support is vital in encouraging children to read.

A variety of homework is set weekly.

Numeracy at home

We ask parents to make sure their child completes their daily maths challenge.  if they do complete it every day, they can earn rewards.

ICT At Home

We encourage parents and carers to allow pupils to use ICT at home.

Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement is a very important document, which we discuss and agree in each class at the start of the year with staff and pupils.  It sets out the agreed school rules.  Children and staff are expected to sign this, and refer to it through the year.  We ask that parents discuss this with their child and sign up to the school rules also.

Click below to view the Home School Agreement:

Home School Agreement

Our rules

  • Be ready
  • Be respectful
  • Be safe

Addressing misbehaviour

We firmly believe that our pupils are at the Academy to maximise their potential. It is important that all children take responsibility to create a positive working environment by behaving appropriately in lessons. We have a comprehensive system to remove students whose behaviour is disrupting the learning of others. This ensures that the majority learn, as the teacher is free to teach. Children involved in repeated poor behaviour are monitored and appropriate intervention applied.

Occasionally a child may fail to conform to the requirements of the school community. In very serious cases, as a last resort, when a child causes deliberate suffering to others, is persistently rude to teachers or other adults, or brings the school into disrepute, the child may be excluded from school and the Education Authority informed.

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