Important changes regarding hot lunch ordering from September


From September the way in which we order our hot lunches is changing. We have been told by Ramsey Lunches that we will need to make all lunch orders in advance rather than on the actual day as we currently do to reduce wastage.

This means that from September we will be asking all parents to submit their child’s food order (together with payment) for the following week by the Thursday in the preceding week.

The cost of the lunches will also be marginally increasing to £2.20 per meal.

Ramsey Lunches have provided us with the menu for the whole of next term therefore we will ensure that the menus are published on the website so you can talk through your child’s choices with them. In school we will then keep a list of each child’s choices so that we can remind them on the day!

From September we are planning to have Parent Pay available for lunch payments but until this is up and running we will require payment by cash or by cheque (cheques should be made payable to Chalfont Valley E-ACT Primary Academy).

To assist in the administration of the lunches we will therefore be asking parents/carers to follow this process:

  1. One week before the menu will be posted on the Academy website


  1. The office will send out a Class List reminder to let all parents/carers know that the menu has been published. A copy of the order form will be put on the website for you to print off at home or paper copies will be available from the office.


  1. Parents/carers are asked to complete the attached form to let us know your child’s lunch options for each day in the following week (please let your child know what you have ordered for them to avoid upset and confusion on the day)


  1. Please send the form and associated payment into the office in an envelope. All choices must arrive in the office by Thursday lunchtime to allow the office to collate all the responses and place the order with Ramsey Kitchens

Please note, we do require a response for each child for each week so that we can ensure that all children have a meal provided (either a hot lunch or a packed lunch from home) therefore please ensure that you complete this form to avoid the office having to chase responses. If your child will always have packed lunches you can complete the attached form to let the office know this and you will then not have to complete a form each week.



 What if I have ordered a hot lunch and my child is unwell on the day?

As we are ordering in advance, unfortunately we cannot cancel orders on the day. If your child is going to be off school for a few days (e.g. they have had a sickness bug therefore will be off for a minimum of 48 hours) if you inform the office it will be possible for us to cancel orders and issue a refund for subsequent days but not the first day of the sickness.

What if my child forgets what lunch they have ordered?

The office will provide each class teacher with a list of food orders for the day at morning registration. The children who have not ordered a hot meal will be asked by their teacher to confirm that they have brought a packed lunch. This will enable us to call any parents if their child has forgotten their lunch. Before the children who have hot lunches go to the dining hall they will be issued with a coloured wrist band (or something similar) which will quickly remind them of their food choice and help the midday supervisors distribute the food effectively.



If you would like your child to have hot meals in the first week back of the term you will need to send back this form and associated payments by Thursday 6th September before your child/children start back at school on Monday 10th September.


School will be open on Thursday 6th September and Friday 7th September, during normal school hours.

(Additionally, if you require UNIFORM, you may also purchase this at this time.)





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